TexMakerX 3.2.2

Integrated tools for LaTeX


  • Integrates several LaTeX tools in one
  • Error console and spelling tool
  • Useful for mathematicians


  • Intel only


TexMakerX is an application that integrates many tools needed to develop documents with LaTeX.

Amongst its many features are a unicode editor to write your LaTeX source files (including syntax highlighting, undo-redo, search-replace etc), 370 mathematical symbols and wizards to generate code. It also enables you to view documents by structure for easier navigation of a document. In other words, TexMakerX adds hundreds of symbols and characters to your computer that wouldn't normally be available.

Although most general users may not find a use for LaTeX, it is particularly popular with mathematicians as it allows them to perform complex formulas which they can edit far more easily. TexMakerX allows you to work with multiple documents in separate tabs with numbered lines to make distinguishing projects and documents easier. Finally, TexMakerX also features an error console on as well as a spelling tool to keep mistakes to a minimum.

TexMakerX will only mainly appeal to those with special typographical needs such as mathematicians but for anyone involved in LaTeX it's a powerful tool.



TexMakerX 3.2.2

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